Friday, July 18, 2014

Celebrate the Small Things- July 18th

Thanks to our host Viklit and co-hosts Diana Wilder, L.G. Keltner, Cyborg Mom and CaffeMaggieato!

Oh my goodness!  I can't believe it's the third week of the month already!  Man does time fly...  Anyway, this week I'm celebrating...

My First 5K!!!  Last Saturday was my first ever 5K and boy was it an eye opener.  Lessons learned: Don't tear off the little tag at the bottom of your bib with your name and other info on it before the race, leave it on there till you finish so they can put your results on the board!  Don't start off at the front of the pack- you'll run faster and burn off more of that much needed finishing energy if you try to keep up.  And most importantly: get some practice outside and on hills if you want to be ready for real world terrain.

Even with all those mistakes, however, I think it was a decent showing for my first try:
90   28:20   49   FOX BEVERLY  
(That's my place out of 204 runners, my time in minutes and seconds, my bib number and my name).  Twenty eight minutes and twenty seconds seems pretty decent considering the size of that giant hill the course began/concluded with and although I didn't reach my goal of running the entire time I am hopeful that I will next time.  Which, coincidentally, is tomorrow!  That's right, I signed up for another one right away and this time I'm not gonna break to walk.  I'll tell you all about how it goes next week.
Running!  Over the past week I've made my way up from 3.6 to 4.1 miles at a clip.  As before it's still indoors on the flat track and as the last 5k taught me that is not going to cut it forever because the runs are going to get longer and harder (my first 10K is only a month away!) so I'm going to have find some places to run outside where I can face down some hills and build up my stamina.  But still, I've been making progress every week and I'm not doing anything but growing in my commitment to this thing, so that's definitely something to celebrate!

Well, that's it for me!  What are you lovely folks celebrating this week?



  1. Congratulations!! ^_^
    That is so true about the hills. I remember reading that in an autobiography a few years ago. It's in the back of my mind in case I ever decide to try it.

  2. That's still really good for your first one! You will be totally prepared for the next.

  3. Congrats on your first 5K! I'm glad you had fun! :)

  4. Being 90th place out of 204 is great!

  5. Wow, you're kicking ass, Bev! Congratulations! I envy your endurance.

    For my part, I've simply returned home from a convention trip and written an essay and a short story.

  6. CONGRATS on your first 5K!!!!

  7. Hi Beverly,
    Just stopping by to say hello and I hope you had a great week.


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