Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Home Bound

Buddy is home.  The surgery went well, he's recovering nicely and I am so grateful.  The dental work took the bulk of the time with the internal stuff being completed shockingly fast by comparison.  But the doctor said his liver looked "grossly normal"- the medical term for "there's nothing wrong with it"- upon examination and the vet techs reassured us that he was "resting comfortably" overnight.

When we picked him up he was still pretty out of it and of course he's absolutely miserable (as we knew he would be) with the cone on.  And he makes these heart breaking little noises when he shifts his position on my lap that make it sound like he's in pain.  But, we've been giving him what I assume is a relatively heavy-duty pain killer once a day and his puppy eyes staring off into space seems like a good indicator that it's working.

And every day he gets a little more active, a little more eager to run around and play.  Which isn't entirely good news because we're supposed to keep his movement pretty restricted while he's healing- a task that will become increasingly difficult as time goes on.  But it's reassuring to see him alert and more like himself. 

And while trying to give the puppy as much lap time as possible whilst convalescing I've been catching up on my reading- only a few more days to finish Nicholas Nickleby for #NaNoReMo.  And there's no place he'd rather be, and no place I'd rather have him, than right on my lap.

Thank you, so much to everyone who's been sending him well wishes.  I am so grateful and so blessed to have my little guy home.


  1. YAY!!! I'm so happy he's doing well!

  2. I'm happy to hear he's doing better, Bev! I'm sure having such loving parents helps.


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