Friday, February 3, 2012

Fifth Period Gaming

“I have to break up with Mark.”

“Wait- what?  Why?”

“He rules out too many other options.”

“Ok, you’ve already lost me.”

“It’s like that game I’m always playing during free period-“


“No, the new one- but that one, too.  They all work the same way.  Anyway, the way it works is every time you make a match; you lose the option of another match.  Usually you lose two other options.  And the more matches you’re making, the more you’re losing till eventually there’s no more moves left and all the pieces vibrate for a second before the whole board explodes and that horrible, soul-crushing ‘Game Over’ comes on.”

“You’ve really gotta stop playing those games- they stress you out too much.” 

“I’m not giving up my games, you’re missing the point.”

“Well, clearly you’re not explaining it very well.”

“Mark!  I have to break up with him!”

“Wait, wait- let me see if I can decipher this… he’s a match and you’re losing too many other options and eventually it’s just gonna be game over on your whole social life.  Something like that, right?”

“Well it sounded way more profound in my head, but yes.”

“I’ve told you that you can read books on your phone now, right?  Or wikipedia?  Here, look at this great wikipedia app-“

“We’ve already covered that and it’s so not the point so why are you going back to it?”

“I just think that, if you’re looking for theoretical models to give you a better understanding of romance, bejeweled might not be the best one.”

“You’re so unoriginal.”


  1. She makes a good point. In a self-defeatist way, but a good point nonetheless...

  2. There is some logic in there but I'm not entirely sure it would be wise to follow it! Great dialogue piece.


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