Sunday, October 2, 2011

Time To Decorate

Decorations are one of the key ingredients of Halloween. Who doesn’t like an excuse to dress up their home? Hard-core devotees will go out- turning their kitchen into a mad scientist’s laboratory, their bathroom into a murderous crime scene and their living room into the creepiest haunted house around. I don’t go that in depth because I put up my decorations on the first of the month and as much as I’d like to spook the place up I still gotta live in it for a month. (Plus I’m pretty sure Buddy would eat up those fake spider webs quicker than I could place them and a dead puppy does not a creepy decoration make.)

My house is relatively subdued in comparison to- oh, I don’t know, Steven King’s house. But I’ve got a far share of pumpkins in my front garden, a Halloween wreath on the front door, and all manner of sign posted around my living room. There are some signs directing you to a nearby haunted house (or warning you of its proximity), sign of Halloween sweet shops where witches craft devilish treats or signs simply wishing you a happy Halloween. I’ve got a mini graveyard complete with several creepy tombstones and skulls and skeleton parts scattered about. I’ve decorated our corner tree with Halloween lights and garland. And there are pumpkins, skull bowls and other accouterments scattered about the tables. In the kitchen I’ve got Halloween pot holders, place mats, candy jars and bowls, cauldrons and a bat hanging from the overhead lights. And in the bathroom? Little Halloween hand towels. There is no corner that hasn’t been bedecked with something.

And, because I spend 40 hours every week outside my home (and because my boss gave me permission) my office is also decked out for the month. The walls are covered with pumpkins, skeletons, witches, vampires, ghosts, bats, cats and the occasional wish for a Happy Halloween. I’ve got a paper chandelier made to look like it was constructed of bones and skulls hanging from the ceiling. Orange pumpkin garlands overhand the doorway and a long black and orange pumpkin and bat streamer lines each wall. I can’t tell you how much better that’s gonna make every work day for the rest of the month!

And today, as I spent my time putting up all these great decorations, I played my favorite Halloween music. I wish the damned radio stations would get it through their heads and play Halloween music for the month. It seems unreasonable not to, seeing as they devote so many other stations to Christmas music starting November 1st. I know there aren’t as many songs specifically devoted to Halloween, but if you get just a little creative and factor in creepy songs as well, you’re more than covered. (The Police’s “Every Step you Take”, for example, is clearly about a stalker telling you he’s out to get you. See? Creepy, and totally appropriate.) Thankfully Pandora is smart enough to have made a station of these songs and since I have my phone with me wherever I go I’m set.

All in all- it’s been a good day. I am nothing if not excited for all the traditions, celebrations and activities coming up this month. Yay Halloween!

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