Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Another 211 in 2011 Update

So, another month, another bunch of posts. Fewer than last month- but there were significantly fewer days in this month so i'm trying not to beat myself up too hard for it. If I can pound out 18 or more this month I should still be in pretty good shape. And given that there should be significant changes coming up the pike this month I should have much to write about, even if it is true.

First off, the puppy is coming. He's coming in only three weeks! I can't beleive it! We visited him this Sunday and- wow. Seriously- WOW. As cute he was when he was a couple weeks old he was a billion times cuter this time around. Seriously- he looks like a teddy bear! And, as if that isn't squeal-worthy enough, he spent the entire time happily chewing on our fingers. (He and his littermates are teething so they're chewing on EVERYTHING right now!) And let me tell those of you who haven't experienced it- there are few things in this world cuter than a puppy that looks like a teddy bear happily noming your fingers. (None that I know of.) So yes, there will be discussion of the unimaganably, life-changing wonderfulness that is the puppy when he comes home.

Secondly, God willing, I will be changing jobs this month. One way or another I have decided that I can't take anymore of this place and i'm handing in my resignation. And if karma and positive energy and significant student loans spent on a rather exstensive education count for anything at all I will get a new job to take it's place. And if I don't? Then i'll probably have even more to write about cause i'll be job searching every single day in preparation for this current job's end. One way or another- something's gonna give. That's gotta send the brain in the direction of some interesting topics.

And, if all else fails I will dig out my old writing books that i first purchased back in high school and start doing the writing prompts. I can't promise that will produce anything worthwhile, but I can promise it will produce something new. And if college couldn't teach me to write badly and just deal with it than forcing myself to pound out 211 entries will! Let the sucking begin! (Or- er- continue.)

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