Yay for Bev! (A.K.A. Awards and Accomplishments)

Thanks to the amazing Tara Tyler and the equally fantastic Heather M. Gardner who awarded me one of four prizes in the Thrill of it All Blogfest for my poem "His Sweet Breath".  You can read the poem here and check out my prize (designed by the brilliant Tara Tyler) up on the main site (as soon as it's finished).

Extra HUGE thanks to my dearest friend John for nominating me for a second Very Inspiring Blogger Award.  Read all about how awesome John is, who I nominated and how much this award in particular means to me here.

A giant heart-felt thanks to the inspiring Deanie Humphrys-Dunne for nominating me for my first ever Very Inspiring Blogger Award.  Check out my 7 facts and the other nominated bloggers here.

Thanks to Julia over at Along the way with Julia for tagging me for a third Liebster.  As always, you can see my answers to her questions and the other bloggers I nominated here.

Thanks to  the gracious Bhavya at Just Another Blog  for awarding me with my second Liebster.  You can read my 11's list and the other nominated bloggers here

I made it all the way through the alphabet!  A giant, heart-felt THANK YOU to the amazing people who organized this event and everyone who read, commented, followed, and linked up with me during the challenge!  My theme was fiction based on photo snapshots, and you can read them all here.

Thanks to Rebeccah over at Rebeccah Writes for giving me my first ever Liebster Award!  Check out my 11's lists and the awesome bloggers I passed this onto here and the other bloggers Rebeccah recommended here!

Every year since 2009 I've participated in the epic awesomeness that is NaNoWriMo (or National Novel Writing Month is you're an acronym hater).  Thanks to my endless verbosity I have actually managed to cross the 50k finish line every year.  While NaNo has some critics out there I'm obviously an advocate.  It has irrevocably changed me as a writer and I can't possible recommend it enough.

Read all about my adventures for the 2012 journey here.

And my 2011 adventures here.

And so on for 2010 here.

And for my very first attempt in 2009 here.  I also tried NaNoFiMo (National Novel Finishing Month) that first year to try and finish the story.  I, uh... didn't

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